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What was appointment 1.0

Employers and candidates are always in a deadlock. As a result, employers cannot find competent & skilful talent to hire, and candidates have a tough time finding good opportunities. So we organized Appointment 1.0, a 2-day long speed hiring event, where employers and candidates meet their relevant matches in a speed dating format to resolve this deadlock.

Appointment 1.0 was organized on 11th & 12th April 2015 at Dr Ambedkar College of Management, Nagpur. The event saw the participation of 62 prominent companies looking to hire bright talent and 500 candidates. Some of the notable companies who participated were Buzo Media, Thinkin’ Birds, The Breakfast story and The Crazy Engineers. 


The event had a dress code to identify the career field in which the candidate wants to get hired. Candidates had to wear color coded t-shirts to show the type of opportunity they were looking for. Those with blue t-shirts were looking for a technical job role, black t-shirt candidates were looking for a business/managerial role and the ones wearing red t-shirts were looking for a creative job role.  


Appointment 1.0 received good coverage from prominent media outlets such as The Times Of India, Lokmat, Sakal and Nagpur Info. At Value Kreation, we keep organizing such events to help people in employability and entrepreneurship.

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