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Startup Unconference


Ever heard of an event with no fixed agenda, where an attendee can choose to deliver a session of their choice and pick a time slot on the spot? That’s unconference for you in a nutshell. Startup Unconference was a day-long, participant driven event where we wanted to encourage Peer-2-Peer learning, moderated & open discussions, collaboration & technology demonstration among startups and its enthusiasts. The event was organized by Priyadarshini MBA & Value Kreation in association with Radio City, Makxenia, Buzo Media, Websterapp, Pratape foods, go for chai, cobrew cafe and entrepreneurs cafe

What happened at Unconference

The event was divided in 3 parts: 


  1. Startup story, Group agenda & MoU contest: After everyone settled, 20 startups were given 3 minutes to share their journey with the attendees. After the story hour, a group agenda was created where anyone who wanted to take a session on a topic can pick a time slot, and deliver their session. To spice up the event, a MoU contest was organized where the attendee who signs maximum no of MoUs within the event wins.  

  2. Breakout to sessions & Panel Discussions: After the agenda is set, attendees went to attend sessions of their interest. All the attendees were given 3 hours to unconference. There were some notable panel discussions that were pre-decided in the events. Topics such as angel investing, raising funds, introduction to Chinese market and social entrepreneurship were hosted. Attendees could hop around sessions as per their learning & unlearning needs. 

  3. Gathering & sharing: After the breakout sessions, all the attendees gathered back and shared their learnings in different sessions, so that other attendees who couldn’t benefit from the sessions can learn & unlearn. 

  4. Ending the event: To settle the chaos of unconference, the event ended with a live musical event, and a compliment round to all the event partners and attendees who made the unconference a huge success.

Startup Unconference was a huge success with a lot of attendees and event partners benefitting from the collaborative setting, diverse sessions & peer-2-peer learnings in the event. We keep organizing such events to benefit professionals in employability and entrepreneurship

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