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Notion & Figjam

For Professional and Personal Growth
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After this workshop, you will

Know how to present your ideas better

Be equipped with the tools to organize yourself for growth

Get access to a community of growth-mindset people

Who should attend this workshop?

Professionals looking to grow their career

Business Owners who want to better manage business & personal life

Students who want to build a system to organize their tasks

What will you learn in the workshop?


Why Notion is a good option over Google Keep, Trello & other similar apps


Build a s system to never miss a deadline


Learn FigJam to represent ideas better


Learn how to build templates on Notion for professional & personal tasks

Register for Figjam

Register for Notion

FRIDAY | 1st JULY | 6 - 7 PM

SUNDAY | 3rd JULY | 11 - 12.30 PM

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